My passion for home and decorating has been within me since a really long time..The esthetic of a room, finding the right furniture, the perfect wallpaper, mixing new with old, antiques and modern, everything at the best price deal, is my comfort zone…Seeking my opinion and advice from friends and family around me, made me realize I could help out anyone outside my zone! If you are refurbishing an old or new home, in need of inspiration, where to find the right details, decor, furniture, art…don’t panic, I have you covered!

Or maybe you simply do not have the time and energy, or would like to make it happen but don’t find it within you, with a simple call, email or appointment I can help you !

If you are interested in more information, simply send me an email and I will get back to you!

Below, is an exemple of a moodboard I would typically create and send to my clients…with all furniture & decor within your budget.