Winter Wedding: Why you should do it!

Love, Snow, Mountains, candles, wildlife, nature, coziness…Yes, theses are all words related to winter and love!

And the better reason to get married in winter other than all of the above, are the following:

Romance: Yes, in winter there is a warm sense of romance because its cold outside, you want to light up candles, snuggle, drink hot tea and its the same for a wedding…Most weddings are in the summer, so people are actually quite excited to have an event in the winter, preferably in the mountains…

There is also an important part of it too…It is sometimes less expensive than getting married in the summer…The main reason being that in winter you can really play with candles and decorating with these is much less expansive than roses etc… Of course you can have flowers but less, and you can add branches to create a very wild and natural feel to the atmosphere. It is simply magical if its well done… Another attractive reason to get married in winter, is that the plan is inside and there are no fears of rain and bad weather as the event is inside no matter what, so you know exactly what to expect!

OF course, the music, the food, the wedding dress can be so much more original than the usual summer wedding….

So a lot of things to think about if you are planning or thinking about it….

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