Wedding Stationary

When I started to organise my wedding, I remember putting so much effort and detail into my wedding stationary…From the wedding invitation, creating my logo, designing and choosing the color palette I wanted to use, ribbon and vintage stamps, to the menu, church booklets and thank you notes,  all of these details took so much time, but it was so rewarding and such a nice gift to my guests…In my opinion, the first impression you will send out to your guests is with your save the date and wedding invitations… It sets the tone, shows your ambiance and what has yet to come…There is nothing more classy and elegant then a beautiful paper, with a hand written calligraphy address on your envelop, with a unique choice of stamps and wax seals to discover….

Here are my top tips for a wow factor invitation to impress your guests!

  1. Have a nice logo or design that will illustrate your identity throughout the wedding
  2. Choose a nice quality of paper (recycled will be appreciated and goes with the environment- there are great options)
  3. Calligraphy- Have a friend or an expert write beautifully the addresses on your envelops, it makes a huge difference!
  4. Choice of stamps- Very often I find it sad and frustrating to see a beautiful invitation with the wrong postage stamps and etiquette
  5. Wax seal- just adds timeless luxury ! Its a bit of work but doesn’t cost much! I ordered mine online with my logo engraved, and hand by hand used wax to seal all my envelops…the result at the end is so rewarding!
  6. Carnet de Voyage- If your wedding is a on a few days, having a map of the locations beautifully painted will just make it extra special and appreciated!

You don’t need to go crazy over your budget, there are a lot of great websites that offer all that you may need with a great price point, such as etsy! I am also happy to help as I have great providers, ideas and designer I work with.

silk ribbons is great for your ceremony booklets

vintage or floral postage stamps makes all the difference!
Wax seal will do the magic trick


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