Tablescape in the mountains

Based in Barcelona since 4 years now, we have been in one of the toughest Covid-19 lockdown city ever! Its been so so hard, with a newborn and a 2 year old toddler, life was suddenly completely stopped and very scary. We were not allowed to go out in the streets for walks, only grocery shopping, our kids didn’t step out of the house for 3 months….a nightmare, and we do not have a garden only a small patio and balcony…So when the opportunity came to go back to our country, Switzerland, we immediately went for it, and what a difference! Life suddenly felt so much peaceful, I felt a real sense of freedom and nature was like my new therapy….We arrived in the mountains where my parents were and just had the best time ever…going for walks everyday, really felt like in the “Sound of Music” where we were escaping our reality to the neutral and safe country that is Switzerland. So naturally I couldn’t help myself to pick up the wildest flowers with my 2 boys during one of our walk and arrange a nice tablescape, really putting at the center of it the beautiful flowers nature offers us! Simplicity at its best!


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