Simple ways to add some winter touches to your home

Now that the cold has arrived, that the night arrives earlier and that the mood might be a bit grey, it is the perfect time to create a wintery cozy mood into our homes…with a few simple tricks and layers you can create a delightful ambiance to your house!

Where to start? I would definitely start with a wreath…a fresh one is always better because the smell is just so good, however a fake one now a days are quite as good… You can have one or a few, in the entryway, decorating a mirror, or a simple door…it will instantly feel welcoming and announce the winter tone….add ribbons, dried fruits or funny accessories to it…

To make your house warmer I would also add a few throws here and there, in your sofa or on your bed, it just gives depths and warmth to your home…A few pillows too, I always change mine in the Spring and winter, darker and heavier materials for this time of the year….

A few decorative elements to create a festive but subtle decoration to your coffee table, such as reindeers, cookies, Christmas ornaments you can just have them lay around…

My ultimate next step is candles, the more the better and if they can smell like oranges, cinnamon or anything xmas it will just take you to that magical place that is Christmas…a beautiful festive time of the year that goes by so fast, so why not start earlier and enjoy the most!

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